Canadian Grading System

High School Grading System

Grading systems in Canada differ from those in the United States. Each province determines its own system. A comprehensive list of grading systems by province can be found at the National Association of Intercollegiate Athletics Eligibility Center International Directory.

Keep in mind the province each of your Canadian applicants comes from, as grading scales vary. In some provinces, such as Quebec and British Columbia, schools do not give “D” grades, making a “C” the lowest passing grade.

CEGEP Grading System

The grade from a CEGEP is called an R score. The equation to find the R Score is a bit complicated and is explained in detail here. The 90th percentile of students have a 34 or greater. The 50th percentile have 27.

University and College Grading System

Universities and Colleges are varied in their grading systems, and you need to reference each university’s website to understand their scale. This is not set on a provincial level. For example, the two major universities in Ottawa have different grading scales: University of Ottawa (10.0) and Carleton University (12.0).

For a list of all the Canadian universities, visit Universities Canada. For a list of all Canadian Colleges and Institutes, visit Colleges and Institutes Canada.