Working with EducationUSA

We look forward to helping U.S. universities recruit Canadian students. EducationUSA has one office in Ottawa with one EducationUSA Advisor. This means that we will do our best to support you, but our ability to attend to details, like travel plans, is limited. Have questions or just want to connect? Just reach out to


On September 30th, 2016, 10am-1:30pm, we will be hosting a Guidance Counsellor Day in Ottawa. U.S. universities are invited to present as panelists to local Guidance Counsellors. This is timed to be convenient to those participating in the Recruit in Canada fair. Email if you are interested in being a panelist. Participation in the fair is not required.

1. University Spotlight
Every 2-3 weeks, we spotlight a different university on our website, in social media, and in our newsletter. After your spotlight is posted, your university info can still be found in our archives. See this spotlight on University at Buffalo — SUNY. To complete: Write 250-400 words describing your university in the 3rd person. Use a word document. Hyperlink important features of your university. Spotlight aspects that Canadians may find interesting. Attach 3-6 pictures in separate jpegs that we have permission to use. Choose pictures that highlight both the beauty of your campus and students doing interesting things (athletics/lab work/farming/etc). Send the completed spotlight, pictures, and color palate preferences in an email to titled “University Spotlight: [MY UNIVERSITY].” EducationUSA will make it look beautiful using your university’s color palate. In your email, specify if EducationUSA can reuse your pictures in other social media, blog posts, or publications for EducationUSA Canada. If we can reuse the pictures, please tell us who we should credit the photos to.
2. Student Blog
We would love to have more Canadian students studying in the United States represented on our “Study South of the Border” Blog. Some of our recent student blog posts we have had the most click traffic in EducationUSA Canada social media history. Check out Thomas’ well-written post. Ask one of your Canadian students to write a post using the Student Blog Guidelines on our Resources page. The student should submit three pictures on campus or in their college town/city. Zoe, an athlete, was able to submit some great soccer photos. The student will also need to sign the EducationUSA Photo Release Form. When the blog is complete, send an email to titled “Student Blog: [MY UNIVERSITY]” Attach the blog as a word document, the pictures as separate jpegs, and the signed and scanned Release form.
3. Webinars
EducationUSA Canada holds a monthly Webinar series that usually takes place on the 2nd Wednesday of the month. See some of our past Webinars (including Law, MBA, and distance learning) on our YouTube channel. If you would like to host a Webinar, please propose your topic of expertise in an email to titled “Webinar proposal: [MY UNIVERSITY].”
4. Education Fairs
EducationUSA Canada does not currently host any of our own Education fairs, but we do support multiple fairs that come through Canada. Depending on the audience you are trying to reach, there is a fair for you! Check out our Events page for all a list of all the fairs that we know of in Canada, including all of those that EducationUSA participate in. Two times each year we participate in the Recruit in Canada fair in every city across Canada. We also contribute to their publication, Canadian Student Magazine.
5. Visits to Canada
While we do not have the capacity to plan your itinerary when you visit Canada, we can give you a few suggested high schools or universities who may be interested in meeting with you. Additionally, you can set-up a meeting with our EducationUSA Advisor if you are in Ottawa, or a meeting with our Consular partners if you are traveling to another major Canadian city.
6. Add an Event to our Calendar
Have you already planned an event in Canada? Let us know about it! We are happy to add your upcoming event to our calendar, and potentially attend, if we are available. Just let us know here.
7. Crossing Borders magazine
EducationUSA contributes articles to Crossing Borders magazine, a publication directed at Canadian Guidance Counsellors aiding their students with U.S. study. You can get involved with the magazine by providing quotes for my articles. Or contact the magazine directly with your editorial ideas or interest in advertising. Archived Issues: